Specialized Editing


Established in 2003, CambridgeEditors is an independent firm dedicated to providing superior editorial services for a wide range of clients. Our diverse clientele includes, but is not limited to, Academics, Creative Writers, and Corporations. We edit texts of all varieties, such as: scholarly monographs, chapters, and journal articles; dissertations and master’s theses; novels and other forms of fiction; poetry; websites; undergraduate essays; proposals and application essays; and institutional materials, brochures, advertising, and reports.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your editorial help on my paper. The process from beginning of the research to completion of the paper has been somewhat arduous. I’m very grateful to at last have a manuscript I’m proud of. I learned a lot about the intricacies of language during the editorial process.” ~Jody, May 2020

“My pleasure dear Harte. I have at least 10 pieces old and new, ranging from photo and film to humanities, to share with you in the near future. They are a bit of a mess but I hope you will continue providing me with suitable editors and if possible, information on where my writings could published. Once again thank you very much!” ~Yiannis, April 2020

“It’s wonderful to be working with you, [Dr. Melissa Ptacek], and thank you so much for the clear, thoughtful edits on my sample edit. I am so grateful…I look forward to collaborating with you.” ~Kira, April 2020

“Thanks very much for passing along Sharon’s sample edit. I have to say, this is the BEST sample edit I have received (and for the past month I have been contacting different editing companies and received at least 5-6 samples from others). I like that Sharon provided a list of similar books in this genre to explore and is not shy about marking the document up. That’s precisely what I need—challenging edits!” ~Client, April 2020

“I want to thank you [Jay Boggis] for the clarifying suggestions you have posed as you have worked with me. I have no way to express to you my gratitude. It has been rough to produce intellectually under difficult circumstances. My space of solace is the editing time…I will contact you through [CambridgeEditors] in the next week or maybe before to look over a new proposal for a different university.” ~Elizabeth, May 2019


Recent Edits

Repressive Spillover: Atypical Victims and the Rise of Anti-Lynching Politics in the US, University of Pennsylvania

“Contour-as-Face (Caf) Framework: A Method to Preserve Privacy and Perception,” University of Cambridge Judge Business School

“Can Social Pressure Foster Responsiveness? An Open Records Field Experiment with Mayoral Offices,” Washington University in St. Louis

“Hearing Between the Lines: Analysis of Verbal Empathic Communication Between Veterinary Student Doctors and Veterinary Clients and Their Dogs,” Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

CambridgeEditors has no affiliation with Harvard Book Store.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every client with a custom, expert edit. Our editors apply their years of professional experience to the Service or Services you request. At the outset, you receive a Client Proposal that reflects your objectives. Guided by your request, our editors are ready to supply your final proofread, your pre-publication review, or interactive, chapter by chapter editing, with text passed back and forth in the course of revision. At CambridgeEditors, we work alongside you to achieve your goals.


May Special
Mother’s Day this May could be bittersweet. So many of our healthcare workers are mothers, where the fear of catching and bringing the virus home is overwhelmed by the thought of leaving our children motherless if, often lacking the proper PPE, we join those patients who succumb to the disease. From another perspective, those of us with elderly mothers, watching mass infections overtake nursing homes, face having no chance to say goodbye. For the month of May, documents longer than 50 pages addressing motherhood in a social context receive 15% off.