Specialized Editing


Established in 2003, CambridgeEditors is an independent firm dedicated to providing superior editorial services for a wide range of clients. Our diverse clientele includes, but is not limited to, Academics, Creative Writers, and Corporations. We edit texts of all varieties, such as: scholarly monographs, chapters, and journal articles; dissertations and master’s theses; novels and other forms of fiction; poetry; websites; undergraduate essays; proposals and application essays; and institutional materials, brochures, advertising, and reports.

Client Testimonials

I just finished reading my essay and found the input to be very helpful. Please convey my ‘thank you’ to Dr. Joel Simundich for his insightful and constructive comments. I am in debt forever.”~ Yanumaya, Academic, November 2019

Tom, thank you for the quick turnaround. I am feeling rather relieved already with the quality of this output and the attention to detail.” ~Leye, PhD Candidate, September 2019

I am so happy to know that you gave [my daughter] exactly the level of lessons she is mentally mature to handle, and you still left her personality intact and allowed for her to keep her own language and voice […] I am very moved and touched by the way you and Elizabeth Mannion taught her this summer. I am sure that one cannot find a better fit anywhere in the world.” ~Maria, Department of Law Uppsala University, Sweden, July 2019

Thanks so much [Alyssa] for your help with all of this. It’s been an eye-opening process to see how books are written.” ~Armond, University of Richmond, June 2019

I want to thank you [Jay] for the clarifying suggestions you have posed as you have worked with me. I have no way to express to you my gratitude.” ~Elizabeth, Cambridge University PhD Candidate, May 2019


Recent Edits

“CEO Risk Propensity and Internationalization,” Associate Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School

“The Early Warning System and EU Decision-Making,” European Consortium for Political Research

“Whose shadow is it? The representation of trauma and creativity in Anton Nimblett’s ‘Ring Games’ and ‘Sections of an Orange,’” International Journal of Jungian Studies

“Escape Artists: Dylan, Warhol, and their Scenes at the Silver Factory,” University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of English

CambridgeEditors has no affiliation with Harvard Book Store.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every client with a custom, expert edit. Our editors apply their years of professional experience to the Service or Services you request. At the outset, you receive a Client Proposal that reflects your objectives. Guided by your request, our editors are ready to supply your final proofread, your pre-publication review, or interactive, chapter by chapter editing, with text passed back and forth in the course of revision. At CambridgeEditors, we work alongside you to achieve your goals.


December Special
This month, CambridgeEditors offers a 10% discount on texts over 50 pages in length addressing the topic of celebratory rites. This discount applies to analyses on holidays such as Hanukkah and Christmas, but we also welcome marriage rites, celebrations upon the birth of a child, or the passage to adulthood. All academic, personal, or historical texts discussing this topic are eligible for our discount during the month of December.