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Established in 2003, CambridgeEditors is an independent firm dedicated to providing superior editorial services for a wide range of clients. Our diverse clientele includes, but is not limited to, Academics, Creative Writers, and Corporations. We edit texts of all varieties, such as: scholarly monographs, chapters, and journal articles; dissertations and master’s theses; novels and other forms of fiction; poetry; websites; undergraduate essays; proposals and application essays; and institutional materials, brochures, advertising, and reports.

Client Testimonials

“We’re deeply grateful to our editor and CambridgeEditors for their excellent professional cooperation on this book project. We greatly valued the editor’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his edit. We look very much forward to working with you again.”

~ Anneliese, Freie Universität Berlin,
January 2018

Thank you for your detailed comments on A Village Under the Streetlight. I greatly value your scholarly analysis of my novel. I consider it a personal privilege to have my first, major literary effort subjected to a learned evaluation. Thank you.”

~ Thomas, Independent Author, March 2018

“Cambridge Editors was my first experience with editing services. I have worked with Sunanda on my book manuscript. She was immensely helpful. We spoke very frankly about my style and my audience and Sunanda was open to accommodating my vision for the book. My manuscript is under review with an excellent academic press. I would not be confident about sending it out had it not been for the clarity and finesse that Sunanda’s labor brought to it.”

~ Nusrat, Amherst College, May 2018

Recent Edits

A Village Under the Streetlight (Creative)

Paradoxes of the Popular: An Ethnography of Bangladeshi Democracy (Anthropology)

Holland vs. Aceh (Nonfiction)

“Governments’ Inclination to State-owned Enterprises: Revisiting China’s Privatization with Special Attention on Input Prices” (Economics)

“The Role of the Physician when a Patient Discloses Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration” (Medicine)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every client with a custom, expert edit. Our editors apply their years of professional experience to the Service or Services you request. At the outset, you receive a Client Proposal that reflects your objectives. Guided by your request, our editors are ready to supply your final proofread, your pre-publication review, or interactive, chapter by chapter editing, with text passed back and forth in the course of revision. At CambridgeEditors, we work alongside you to achieve your goals.


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