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Established in 2003, CambridgeEditors is an independent firm dedicated to providing superior editorial services for a wide range of clients. Our diverse clientele includes, but is not limited to, Academics, Creative Writers, and Corporations. We edit texts of all varieties, such as: scholarly monographs, chapters, and journal articles; dissertations and master’s theses; novels and other forms of fiction; poetry; websites; undergraduate essays; proposals and application essays; and institutional materials, brochures, advertising, and reports.

Client Testimonials

“I’m really loving the edits I’ve read so far.” ~Independent AuthorJanuary 2022

“Please allow me thank each of you…We have made it through…Thank you so much for: patience, collaboration, words of kindness and for humility. Tom, my gratitude to you.” ~Independent Author, December 2021

“As a person who speaks with an accent; Tom has given me the courage to persevere…this is what I call someone who is passionate about his work. I would recommend anyone…to him.” ~Independent Author, November 2021

“I believe that I have the best editors for this little story.” ~Independent Author, November 2021 

“I have had the opportunity of working with your editorial services in the past, with extremely positive results.” ~M.I.T. Open Learning and Agile Continued Education, November 2021

“Thank you so very very much – as always your edits are so careful and thoughtful. I have sent it off…and their editor will now come back with feedback on how I can improve the proposal and I might come back to you for a second round.” ~Leeds Law School Professor, November 2021

“Cambridge Editors has a staff of great editors. You will be in good hands.” ~Principal Attorney, October 2021

“Nora did an excellent job. Her comments were very helpful. Depending upon your comments I am expecting to do some restructuring before the editing process.” ~Sasaki Associates, Inc. Emeritus, September 2021

Recent Edits

The Economic Costs of Trade Sanctions: Evidence from North Korea,” Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong

The Long Millennium and the Chieftain Ascendency, Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) 

Let’s Talk About Christmas!, Case Manager, Department of Commonwealth Mental Health

Finding Credit at the Bottom of the Pyramid: State Lending and Corporate Investment in Impoverished Areas,” Ph.D in Economics Student, Boston University

Reactive Democracy: The Social Media Public Sphere, Political Participation and The Logic of Reaction,” Director of the Centre for Digital Culture, King’s College London

CambridgeEditors has no affiliation with Harvard Book Store.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every client with a custom, expert edit. Our editors apply their years of professional experience to the Service or Services you request. At the outset, you receive a Client Proposal that reflects your objectives. Guided by your request, our editors are ready to supply your final proofread, your pre-publication review, or interactive, chapter by chapter editing, with text passed back and forth in the course of revision. At CambridgeEditors, we work alongside you to achieve your goals.

Author of Innovating in Healthcare, Regina Herzlinger is the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS). Herzlinger’s newest contribution to the field is currently being edited by Andrew Bond of CambridgeEditors in conjunction with Wiley Publishers. It will be released on March 15, 2022, and is now available for pre-order.


January Special
This January we take a moment to reflect on how we as individuals, nonprofits, professionals, faculty, and/or volunteers help make the world a brighter place, locally or globally, during this stressful time. CambridgeEditors offers a 10% discount on works related to acts of service within communities, local or global.