Academic Editing

CambridgeEditors is a leading specialist in Academic Editing. Professors, graduate students, undergraduates, independent scholars, and academic departments all rely on our Academic Editing services to provide expert and polished scholarly editing. CambridgeEditors also works directly with academic presses, and is often contacted by faculty members and other academics with books under contract at these presses.

We edit the full range of scholarly writing, from book manuscripts and dissertations to journal articles, master’s theses, thesis and grant proposals, course papers, application and advancement materials, and school and departmental materials. We provide academic editing in all areas, from the humanities and social sciences to business, law, and STEM fields. We edit according to client needs and in the appropriate style, including Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard, and the CSE styles. If a publisher or journal requires a particular house style, we edit as requested by the client.

Our overriding concern is for the successful presentation of authors’ ideas to their intended audience. Our clients come from the US and abroad, seeking our professional, scholarly editing services to render their thoughts in careful and effective English.

CambridgeEditors is affiliated with academic institutes, policy centers, think tanks, schools within larger academic institutions, fellowship societies, professional organizations, and educational sections of corporations. We provide academic editing for all forms of scholarly and educational materials, including traditional print formats such as books, articles, brochures, and pamphlets as well as websites and other digital media. CambridgeEditors also works with self-publishing authors’ manuscripts, both academic and popular.

Our editors are all native English speakers and have advanced degrees in a range of disciplines, and the majority of our editors have attained a PhD. Our editors represent a wide variety of academic and professional expertise. Our most popular academic editing services include the Line Edit and Copy Edit. The Line-by-Line Edit is designed to offer authors meticulous revisions for structure, flow, and diction. The Copy Edit is designed for authors requiring final corrections to style, grammar, and citations. Both services include our proofreading of text and graphs, tables, and figures. Other services widely requested of CambridgeEditors are our layout, formatting, and indexing services.

CambridgeEditors also excels in editing creative and non-academic works. These include self-help and how-to works, as well as memoirs, family histories, industry and businessrelated works, romances, and health and wellness guides. Are you writing a novel, short story, or poem? CambridgeEditors provides excellent editorial servicesincluding Developmental Editingfor these genres of writing, too.