Writing coaches are an invaluable asset to those pursuing a major writing task such as a dissertation, a novel, or a nonfiction monograph. While writers often seek out readers and editors among their literary or academic associates, a professional writing coach can offer support beyond what a peer can provide.

CambridgeEditors Writing Coaches offer you guidance at any—or every—step of your productive process, whether you are just starting out or have a nearly-complete draft. From helping you break through writer’s block to providing you with structural line edits that enhance the organization of your manuscript, our Writing Coaches take a hands-on approach to editing, which may be just what you need. In addition to coaching sessions, our Coaching Service also provides our widely-demanded Line-by-Line Edit Service. The number one goal of your Writing Coach will be to help you mentally and editorially through the difficult process of writing a lengthy or complex document.

Our most frequent coaching clients are those in the process of writing a dissertation and those authoring a book. Our clients meet with their coach via Skype or phone call, from between twice a week to once a month. The frequency and arrangement of coaching sessions are tailored to each writer’s requirements. This schedule may change over time, as the process of writing work develops.