The Developmental Edit

At CambridgeEditors, we offer the Developmental Edit for both fictional and nonfictional works.

You may have an idea for a manuscript but be unsure of how to develop this idea into a coherent and intriguing piece of writing with the proper tone, structure, and content. CambridgeEditors Developmental Editors are here to help authors with the process of transforming ideas for a manuscript into a finished work of writing. Sometimes an author (or would-be author) has working concepts for the final piece, but no exact sense of how to make them tangible. A Developmental Edit is just what is needed. At other times, an author will have a preliminary manuscript but feel it is not ready to submit to readers because its themes, ideas, elements, and structure are not sufficiently developed. Here, too, the Developmental Edit is perfect.

Your Developmental Editor may perform any number of tasks, including research, rewriting, and line editing of the manuscript. Your editor will explain to you the steps you will be taking and guide you through these as you produce the final document. Whether your envisioned final work is one of fiction or nonfiction, the CambridgeEditors Developmental Edit will help you realize your ideas in an effective and appealing work of writing.