The Copy Edit

If you are seeking to have the last corrections to your manuscript made—giving it that final sense of polish—you may want to choose our Copy Editing Service. Our professional Copy Editing Service is designed for those wanting final corrections to style, grammar, and citations. Your Copy Editor will move quickly and with a sure hand to make timely and professional changes that increase the strength and appeal of your manuscript, while at the same time rendering it grammatically impeccable. Transitions may be added where needed, excess words may be deleted, and an occasional word or phrase may be flagged for reconsideration.

If you have revised your document a number of times and are happy with its main point and structure, you are ready for a thorough copy edit before you submit or publish your work for others to read. CambridgeEditors will assign an editor familiar with your particular genre of work, someone who will catch aspects of your document that depart from your dominant style of presentation or from accepted standards, thus helping you achieve the utmost clarity and effect. Your editor will also ensure, where applicable, that publication guidelines are followed.

In addition to copy editing the main body of the text, your CambridgeEditors Copy Editor will review any accompanying material, such as front matter and appendices, and will correct in-text citations against your bibliography. Your editor will make small adjustments wherever style or syntax strays either from those set by the work or from correct grammar. In the case of creative work, we further make small adjustments throughout in order to preserve your voice and style, and to make sure that your wording and the pacing of your text match the goals of your work. In all cases, the end result of our copy editing is an expertly polished and proofread piece, ready for submission.