“Thanks to Morgan and all at Cambridge Editors for the sage advice and clean copy!” ~ Harvard Graduate School of Design Faculty, October 2022

“Morgan, thanks so much for sending the proofed material. The markups were MOST HELPFUL.  I input all of the changes and also made appropriate changes to the rest of the MS for consistency. Would you consider proofreading another chapter? Thanks so much for your good work.”  ~ Independent Author, October 2022

“Nora, again, thank you so much for your excellent edits. I am very interested in continuing working with you and am happy to work around your schedule.” ~ California State University Faculty, October 2022 

“Adriana thank you SO MUCH for such super helpful comments. I’ve made all those corrections. I’m hoping that your good work and good luck have expunged the most egregious errors. I am most grateful for your good work.” ~ Independent Author, October 2022Very helpful edits, a lot for me to work on… please thank Jay for me:)” -Independent Author, September 2022

“I’ve worked with CambridgeEditors as an editor for well over a decade, and am now in a position to ask them for help. Harte Weiner has impeccable taste in editors and editing—the best in the business. I respect and admire her and her work tremendously. If you’re looking for insightful, intelligent editing and writing, coaching and support, you simply can’t do better than working with Harte and her network of gifted professional editors.” ~ Manuscript Editor, The Bridgespan Group, September 2022

“I’m already liking your services!” ~ Ph.D. Student, University of Hawaii, March 2022

“Thank you again for your great work. I appreciate your suggestions (regarding German, glossing, references) and the way you improved the manuscript.” ~Georgia Institute of Technology Faculty, February 2022

First of all, let me thank you for your service on some of my previous papers…Thanks a lot for the work. Looks great.~EDHEC Business School Faculty, January 2022

“As a person who speaks with an accent; Tom has given me the courage to persevere…this is what I call someone who is passionate about his work. I would recommend anyone…to him.” ~Independent Author, November 2021

“Thank you so very very much – as always your edits are so careful and thoughtful. I have sent it off…and their editor will now come back with feedback on how I can improve the proposal and I might come back to you for a second round.” ~Leeds Law School Faculty, November 2021

“I believe that I have the best editors for this little story.” ~Berline, November 2021

Nora did an excellent job. Her comments were very helpful. Depending upon your comments I am expecting to do some restructuring before the editing process.” ~Richard, September 2021

Thank you so very very much – as always your edits are so careful and thoughtful. I have sent it off…and their editor will now come back with feedback on how I can improve the proposal and I might come back to you for a second round.” ~Maria, November 2021

Thanks so much for the very quick feedback. This is tremendously helpful.” ~Christian, November 2021

Cambridge Editors has a staff of great editors. You will be in good hands.” ~Herbert, October 2021

“Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Sure, I will send you some more documents for your expert amendments.” ~Sahar, October 2021

Thank you so much for dedicating that narrow block of time to the book – will eagerly read! Also very encouraging and happy to hear that the ideas of the book are of use to interpret current events; fingers crossed that this will also be the case for the future readers.” ~Tomas, October 2021

“I honestly do not ask for the lower price, I think that Joel and the services your agency has provided all these years is irreplaceable to me. I could not find a better home for my text.” ~Maria, September 2021

“By the way, the edits are fantastic.” ~Mark, University of Chicago, September 2021

“Nora did an excellent job. Her comments were very helpful. Depending upon your comments I am expecting to do some restructuring before the editing process.” ~Richard, Sasaki Associates, Inc., September 2021

“Thank you so much for the super fast turnaround. I really appreciate it and I am grateful that you were willing to take the time doing it.” ~Maria, September 2021

“Thank you so much. I was very pleased with the editing and it helped me improve…I was kind of stuck with this first chapter, since it was a new one, which I myself proposed to add to the revised MS…Now I feel much better. Many thanks to my editor.” ~Client, August 2021

I hope that Joel will have time to help me with a first round of edits. I really hope he can because he just is the best there is.” ~Maria, August 2021

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Jay for all his hard work, his care and attention. Because this book has been written in various (non-teaching) seasons there have been some serious organizational issues and Jay brought my attention to all of those. I have been working so hard since and I think I have now polished the narratives in most chapters thanks to Jay’s direction and wisdom. This book still has some more work to do to be ready for press, and I will continue to polish and restructure. But at this juncture Jay’s help was vital and I am immensely grateful. Thanks to you too, Harte for all your help on and off the phone. I appreciate you all.” ~Pamela, July 2021

Jay did a perfect job and thanks for him, also I told three of my friends about you and they will contact you soon for their theses.” ~Client, June 2021

Thank you for all your hard and excellent work. I really appreciate it!” ~Client, July 2020

We’ve worked together before and I am glad to contact you again, because of your excellent services.” ~Pamela, June 2021

Trader Construction Kit sold its 1,000th copy this morning…a milestone made all the more special because it is an expensive academic text that is not backed by a major publishing house, university, or written by a celebrity influencer. Most books, even relatively inexpensive ones, do not sell more than 200-300 copies. I wanted to mark this occasion by taking the time to thank you all again for the help and support you have given me as I worked through the writing and publication process. I most certainly could not have done it without you.” ~Joel, December 2020

“I have received many valuable suggestions from Elizabeth. They involve using secondary literature, articulating my thesis, envisioning my audience, unpacking quotations, and maintaining a consistent tone. It sounds generic, but when coupled with specific instances drawn from my manuscript, they are beneficial…I am confident of Elizabeth’s expertise and feel comfortable accepting her guidance.” ~Client, June 2021

“Truly thankful to have your wisdom, insights and help to take this to the next level.” ~Client, May 2021

“Harte Weiner, PhD, and I go WAY back–she was the TA for a course on the American novel I took as an undergraduate at Stanford University. Years later, our common love for the written word brought us back together professionally. It’s been an honor (and tons of fun!) to help other writers refine and amplify their messages, as well to earn the respect of a mentor.” ~Client, March 2021

“Thanks for all that you did. The paper has been accepted for publication. I will definitely be coming back for more help.” ~Client, March 2021

“I’m one of your loyal customers for over a decade.  I am in the process of writing a doctoral proposal / dissertation.  Do you still have the best of the best dissertation editors available to work with me?” ~Client, January 2021

“Thank you very much for your email dear Harte. I really appreciate your personal approach to the whole business. Above all we are human beings and that we should never forget. We are beyond and above all these systems of administration. We are going to be in touch, so this is not goodbye. Thank you very much personally as well as Lexie, Dorothy and Jay. Your names will be on the forward of the dissertation.” ~Client, December 2020

“I want to thank you for connecting me to Andy [Andrew Bond] – he was just amazing:  supportive (I really needed that), but also really detailed and, especially, gave me excellent suggestions for revisions and improvements!” ~Faculty in Sociology, August 2020

“I am super happy with Joel’s invaluable help…and grateful to him and the team for the grant application help.” ~Maria, August 2020

“Please convey my deepest gratitude to the editor, I have looked over the comments and changes and really think the piece is much more refined because of their help and care…Also – I am happy with this experience and plan to send in more chapters of academic writing once I have them. Thank you!” ~Client, July 2020

“I finally got down to studying your edits. These excellent changes add richness to the narration. Your insightful comments and observations are truly amazing. As your name suggests, you have a big heart!” ~Abraham, July 2020

“He [Joel] really helped me and is so skilled and helpful. He is very smart. Thank you so much…!” ~Maria, July 2020

“I just wanted to say Cambridge Editors, so far, has been a fantastic service to work [with]!” ~Client, July 2020

“I want to thank you [Susan Cavan] so much for the edits. They are brilliant. I am very pleased with the level of proficiency provided here and I really hope that this is the beginning of a long term cooperation with Cambridge Editors. Considering the good work I have seen in this paper, I will definitely seek your assistance again in the near future.” ~Client, June 2020

“Thank you so much for your editorial help on my paper. The process from beginning of the research to completion of the paper has been somewhat arduous. I’m very grateful to at last have a manuscript I’m proud of. I learned a lot about the intricacies of language during the editorial process.” ~Jody, May 2020

“My pleasure dear Harte. I have at least 10 pieces old and new, ranging from photo and film to humanities, to share with you in the near future. They are a bit of a mess but I hope you will continue providing me with suitable editors and if possible, information on where my writings could published. Once again thank you very much!
~Yiannis, April 2020

“I want to thank you [Jay Boggis] for the clarifying suggestions you have posed as you have worked with me. I have no way to express to you my gratitude. It has been rough to produce intellectually under difficult circumstances. My space of solace is the editing time. I will contact you through [CambridgeEditors] in the next week or maybe before to look over a new proposal for a different university.” ~Elizabeth, May 2019

“Thanks very much for passing along Sharon’s sample edit. I have to say, this is the BEST sample edit I have received (and for the past month I have been contacting different editing companies and received at least 5-6 samples from others). I like that Sharon provided a list of similar books in this genre to explore and is not shy about marking the document up. That’s precisely what I need ”challenging edits!”” ~Client, April 2020

“It’s wonderful to be working with you, [Dr. Melissa Ptacek], and thank you so much for the clear, thoughtful edits on my sample edit. I am so grateful! I look forward to collaborating with you.” ~Client, April 2020

“The edits are great! Thank you so much for all of your help. Please let Emily know how much I appreciate her.” ~Bryant, Washington University in St. Louis, February 2020

Tom, thank you for the quick turnaround. I am feeling rather relieved already with the quality of this output and the attention to detail.” ~Leye, PhD Candidate, September 2019

“Just want to say that my work with Dorothy is complete and I want to compliment you for letting her work with me. She is great!” ~July 2019

Thanks so much [Alyssa] for your help with all of this. It’s been an eye-opening process to see how books are written.” ~Armond, University of Richmond, June 2019

“I could not be more grateful for the experience that I have had these five years working together with CambridgeEditors. Melissa Ptacek was the PhD supervisor that I never had, and I treasure her insightful feedback. I place my trust in [her] because I know she wants the best for me. I could not recommend CambridgeEditors [more highly] … It takes my text to the next level, subtly without changing what I am writing. It becomes better, more alive.”
~Renata, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, March 2019

“Preparing the eighteen chapters here in a uniform style with the attendant apparatus of case and treaty tables was expedited by Tom Sullivan, Mary Cadette, Jay Boggis, Laura Rodgers, and Laura Pacquette who worked efficiently under the guidance of Harte Weiner at Cambridge Editors.”
~Acknowledgements from International Law and the Post-Soviet Space by Thomas D. Grant (ibidem Press, 2019)

“Just to let you know, Tom Sullivan has been very helpful on a couple of quick queries I have made. And of course, Sunanda has been a gem and absolute pleasure in this process. Her insights and corrections have been top-drawer. Many thanks.”
~ Jim, Texas Woman’s University College of Health Science, July 2018

“I continue to be quite pleased with the quality of editorial work accomplished by Mel and coordinated with the team at CambridgeEditors! The unusual style and formatting preferences of my Goettingen publisher would have driven me crazy without Mel’s clear-headed and patient assistance.”
~ Jon, The George Washington University, July 2018

“Mr. Sullivan did a great job, especially within such a shortened time frame. I would have been in serious trouble absent Mr. Sullivan’s efforts.”
~ James, Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, July 2018

Cambridge Editors was my first experience with editing services. I have worked with Sunanda on my book manuscript. She was immensely helpful. We spoke very frankly about my style and my audience and Sunanda was open to accommodating my vision for the book. My manuscript is under review with an excellent academic press. I would not be confident about sending it out had it not been for the clarity and finesse that Sunanda’s labor brought to it.”
Nusrat, Amherst College, May 2018

“I cannot overstate my positive experience with CambridgeEditors and more specifically the expert editing and coaching I received from Susan. Together we created a plan in order to keep me on track and organized throughout the process. She had an eye for detail and provided thorough written summaries. She was consistently available and punctual keeping me on deadline. I consider Susan’s collaboration indispensable in the development of my academic writing. Many thanks to Susan and CambridgeEditors for their professionalism and the much needed service they provide.”
~ Robert, PhD Candidate, May 2018

“Thank you for your detailed comments on A Village Under the Streetlight. I greatly value your scholarly analysis of my novel. I consider it a personal privilege to have my first, major literary effort subjected to a learned evaluation. Thank you.”
~ Thomas, Independent Author, March 2018

“We’re deeply grateful to our editor and CambridgeEditors for their excellent professional cooperation on this book project. We greatly valued the editor’s expertise on the subject matter at hand and the thoroughness of his edit. We look very much forward to working with you again.”
~ Anneliese, Independent Author, January 2018

“The publisher is very happy with the book manuscript. The editor writes: ‘…I have to let you know how impressed I am by the additional work that has been done on the script. This is really exceptionally well done and it is doing absolutely justice to all the hard work…’”
~ Anneliese, Independent Author, January 2018

“Your editing services come highly recommended to me. I’ve recently had a book manuscript accepted for publication via Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.”
~ Jon, Assistant Professor, February 2018

“Thank you for editing my job market paper a month ago. That helps a lot.”
~ Haoyu, PhD Student, November 2017

“I am immensely grateful for all your encouragement and support, and I am delighted with the work that Kristie has done on the manuscript. Kristie did a fantastic job on this manuscript, and we have (at least for the time being!) come to a stopping point (with the polished manuscript now submitted to MIT Press).”
~ Carl, Professor and Institutional Founder, November 2017

“Please convey my thanks to the editor. Her recommendations about the poem helped me to solve the mystery of the words I initially could not read.”
~ Tara, Professor and Scholar, October 2017

“I was fully satisfied with the work that Alyssa did on my draft. She met the agreed deadline, provided useful feedback and suggested edits that have helped improve the flow and coherence of the text. I would be happy to work again with her in the future.”
~ Joelle, Associate, August 2017

“I loved your edits and comments. They were ‘spot on,’ as they say. You deserve a very big ‘thank you’ for all the work you did. I know your suggestions helped me tighten up my essay. Thank you, you did a great job. And I look forward to working with you in the future. I hope that I will soon be ready to send you more work for a larger manuscript.”
~ Tracy, Professor, August 2017

“I highly recommend Cambridge Editing; they showed the highest level of professionalism throughout my first editing experience. They answered my questions and concerns in a timely fashion and I enjoyed working with the staff.”
~ Sage, Independent Author, July 2017

“In the next few weeks I will be presenting the findings of my doctoral study. My doctoral journey turned out to be pretty straight forward! I believe this is most certainly related to Cambridge Editors and my coach. She is a competent professional who helped and coached me at the right time. Her thoughts allowed me to make necessary adjustments in my thinking and ensured that my dissertation was always moving forward toward the finish line. I am truly grateful for her integrity and her scholarly expertise.”
~ Matt, Principal, June 2017

“My deepest thanks to you and your team at CambridgeEditors for the meticulous and wonderful editing work of my book Bach Rides a Camel. I enjoyed working with Missy, Laura, Tom and everyone on the editorial team. I am especially thankful for your team’s mindfulness of deadlines.”
~ Jean, CEO and Entrepreneur, December 2016

“We deeply appreciate all the work and care that CambridgeEditors helped us with and your responsiveness and interest in trying to make this book the best that it can be.”
~ Jessie, MIT Press, November 2016

“Thank you so much for your very thorough reading and thoughtful response to my Statement of Purpose. I appreciate the time, attention and obvious creativity you have lent me especially after this difficulty week in our country.”
~ Valerie, Clinical Psychology, November 2016

“As you know, I thanked your excellent editors in the dissertation. I don’t know what I would have done without them! It feels good and comforting to be back working with you again. I have the option of free editing where I work but I just feel more comfortable trusting you.”
~ Maria, Professor of Law, October 2016

“That was the most amazing instant turn-around that I’ve ever seen.. After all my questions and delays – it took less than a day to have such a well articulated estimate. Everything is explained, quantified, and even discounts applied…You folks are such professionals, it’s nice to see it done right.”
~ Laurence, Independent Author, October 2016

“Thank you very much, Dr. Weiner for an efficient turnaround, and many thanks to Laura Paquette for her excellent edit. I greatly appreciate your help on this project.” 
~ Hari Garhwal, Garhwal, Chan & Williams, Family Financial Advising Office, August 2016

“Please let [my editor] know her edits are beautiful and refreshing. I look forward to working with her again on my next short story in a few weeks.”
~ Jeanene, Independent Author, July 2016

“I used CambridgeEditors and my editor worked from her home in Colorado. I highly recommend, even if you have an editor…perhaps another set of eyes would be helpful. It was worth every penny (and more)!”
~ Kim, Ed.D., CSCS, CMAA, June 2016