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CambridgeEditors has worked with hundreds of academic clients from respected institutions, individual authors, and various corporations. Below is a small sample of our clients.

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“Tightened Immigration Policies and the Self-Employment Dynamics of Mexican Immigrants,” University of Oklahoma

Racial Narcosis, University of Richmond

“Can A Water Smart Grid Help Society Achieve: The Sustainable Development Goal Of Water As A Human Right?,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Reforming Priesthood in Reformation Zurich: Heinrich Bullinger’s End-Times Agenda, George Washington University, Department of Religion

Contested Communities: Identities, Spaces, and Hierarchies of the Chinese in the Cuban Republic, Brill Press, New Asian Acquisitions

Building the New Urban India, Thesis, MIT, Center for Real Estate

Knowledge, Law, and Politics: An Intellectual Portrait of al-Juwaynī, Georgetown University in Qatar, School of Foreign Service, Department of Theology

Ottoman Early Modern Politics of Emotion, Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

The OK to Proceed Model to Minimize Patient Risk, Textbook, Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology

“Digital Hearing Aids: Designing for EMC Compliance,” In Compliance magazine

The Power of the Plan, Building a University in One of America’s First Planned Cities, University of South Carolina Press

Trader Construction Kit, Book, Cephalopod Publishing

“A Non-recoverable Hybridoma Limits the Production of Monoclonal Antibodies against Bovine Trophoblast Non-classical NC3*00101 Protein,” Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Evaluation and Treatment of Workplace Dysfunction, Academy of Organizational & Occupational Psychiatry (online)

Motherhood and Class: Single mothers and reproductive practice in contemporary Japanese society, Leiden University (Netherlands), Japanese Studies

Including Girls: System-Level Juvenile Justice Reforms to Meet Girls’ Developmental Needs, Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project, Boston College School of Law

Food prices, eating behaviors and obesity: Does conscientiousness matter?, Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

A Time Out: Authentic Leader Development Through Life-Stories Analysis, University of Pennsylvania, Educational and Organizational Leadership

Improving Reading Engagement Through the Use of English Language Learner, Concordia University, College of Education

Lost (and Gained) in Transition: The Contradictions of Gentrification in Alaçatı, Turkey, Sociology

Age of Exploration: Zheng He’s expeditions to the Western Ocean

Lived Experience of International Students in the United States, Daemen College, Nursing Education

Adaptive Boosting for Automatic Speech Recognition, Northeastern University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

A working model of the fashion clothing involvement of those born blind, those who became blind and those who are visually impaired, Psychology and Consumer Behavior

The Lure of the Nation: The Cultural and Historical Debates in Late Qing and Republican China, Tze-ki Hon, SUNY-Geneseo

Diana Report: Bridging the Gender Gap in Venture Capital, Babson College, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

Image and Polity in Rousseau’s Lévite d’Ephraïm, Suffolk University

The World in 2020 According to China, Brill Press, New Asian Acquisitions

Multiple Investment Regimes in Russian Subsoil Use, Brill Press, New Asian Acquisitions

Non-Cognitive Ability, Test Scores, and Teacher Quality: Evidence from 9th Grade Teachers in North Carolina, Northwestern University

Homology, Genes, and Evolutionary Innovation, Princeton University Press

Migrants between Empires and Nations: The History of the Chinese in Cuba, Rutgers University, Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies

The Influence of Independence on American Law, Case Western University, American History

The Record, Alumni Magazine, Boston University School of Law

Organizing Globally: World Conferences and Women’s Movements in India and China, Texas A&M

“The Effect of School Finance Reforms on the Distribution of Spending, Academic Achievement and Adult Outcomes,” Grant Proposal, Northwestern University

“Al-Shāfi`ī’s Position on Analogical Reasoning in Islamic Criminal Law: Human Rights Implications,” Harvard University, School of Law

A Breeding Ground of Authors: Southeast Asia in British Fiction, 1945-1960, University of Cambridge, English Literature

A Political Economy of the Senses, University of Oregon

“Working Capital Management of Small Firms,” Abu Dhabi University, College of Business Administration

Seeing Beatrice: Transfiguration of Eros and The Birth of Compassion in Dante’s Commedia, Boston University

The Meaning of Freedom in Kashmir: c.1200 to 1900 History, Tufts University, Department of History

“Contextual Méconnaissance, or The Discovery of a Plot in The Wrong Text,” University of Massachusetts, Literature

“Strategic responses to used-goods markets: Airbus and Boeing since 1997,” Boston University, Department of Economics

How Children Got Rights, Harvard University School of Law

Tribal Partnerships to Facilitate Hazardous Waste Remediation, Harvard University, Environmental Management

Assessing the Role of Hygienically Cleaning and Testing of Flood Damaged Textiles, Antioch University New England

“Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Membranes,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Institutional Innovation in Water Management: The Case of Mexico City’s Recharge Wells,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“DNA Nanostructures Platform for Nanomedicine—Precisely Control on Nanoscale,” National Science Foundation Proposal

The Syntax and Spatiotemporal Semantics of the Aspectual Particles in Mandarin Chinese, Boston University, Department of Linguistics

“The Divine Names: Towards a Pragmatic Approach,” Harvard University, Department of Religion

Imperial-Time Order: Literature, Intellectual Thinking, and the Becoming of Empire in China, 1900-2005, University of Pittsburgh

Work and Live SAFER: Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Functional Ergonomic Recovery: An Activity Modification Program for People with Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Texas Woman’s University

Intimate Partner Violence, Boston University

Origin of Action: Social Justice Civic Learning, Dissertation, Northeastern University

Mortgage Credit: Lending and Borrowing Constraints in a DSGE Framework, Doctoral Student Economics Paper


Revolving Credit: Shrouded by Construction, University of Maryland, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Senior Leadership Program Manual, Mobius Leadership (Netherlands)

Enduring Advantage: Collected Essays on Family Enterprise Success, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Web Content, Garhwal, Chan & Williams Family, Financial Advising Office

Eat, Sweat, Thrive, Book for performance workshops, O2X

“UBS Family Office Compass Report,” Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

2015 Ethics Checkpoint Leader’s Guide, EthicsOne

2014/2015 Annual Report, The David Project

Executive Summary, Northwest Invasive Plant Council

Centered Leadership, Personal Insight Workshop, Resolving Conflict, Negotiation Essentials, and other program manuals, Mobius Executive Leadership

Marketing materials, DSH Design Group, Davood Shahin, founder & president

“Changes in Confidence and Asset Returns,” Guihai, Boston University, Institute of Economic Development

Corporate Code of Conduct, Fortune 500 Company

Departmental Documents, Boston Fire Department

Metrica, “The X Factor and Whether ‘Inside’ versus ‘Outside’ the Labor Force Remain Distinct Labor Force States,” Trade Journal Publication

Corporate Documents, Tapestry Networks

The Birds of Den Rock Park, Local Nature Guidebook, City of Lawrence, MA

Know Your Source, East Coast Seafood/Seatrade

Digital Hearing Aids, Feature Article, industry trade magazine


Charlotte, Life’s Workbook: How To Write Your Autobiography Through Memoir Writing, Nonfiction

Michelle, Charles McCheese, Middle-Grade Fiction

Ramesh, World is One Family, Fiction

Thomas, A Village Under the Streetlight, Manuscript

Annemarie, The Road of a Proud Irishman, Family History

Guy, Dagger to the Heartland, Crime Fiction

Jeremy, Friends to Enemies, Screenplay

Judy, William Johnson Trent, Biography

Al, Twisted Fortune Cookies, Screenplay

Robert, Raising the Table, Calling the Dead, Fiction

Steve, Chasing Life, Fiction

Jim, A Papal Enclave, Fiction-Thriller

Jean, Hope for Everyday People, Poetry

Dan, Dragica Krog Radoš – Actress and Soubrette, Memoir

Michael, Bayou Blue, Children’s Book

Dwarka, Suitcase, Memoir

Vincent, The Purple Heart, Historical Fiction

Darren, All the Kennedys are Dead, Fiction

Jeannie, Master Chen and the Real Estate Blessing, Short Story Collection

Joyce, Abbeville Generations, late 18th century through end of 19th century, Family History

Ben, There’s No More Room in Heaven (working title), Fiction

John, Death of a Grim Reaper, Fiction

Montgomery, Mirrored Halls of Blood, Fiction

Scott, Liquid Thin Line, Poetry

Stacey, Bouillabaisse, Fiction