Cambridge EditorsCambridgeEditors‘ services are designed for a diverse clientele. Our multiple services provide differing levels of interaction with your manuscript, based on your individual needs. We offer the opportunity to work through email and telephone conversations, or in person at our Cambridgeport location. Our editors most frequently use Microsoft Word Track Changes and marginal comments to offer suggestions and changes. To receive a quote on editing your work, you can submit a query here, or contact us via email.

Academic Editing

Academic editors have subject-matter expertise and are paired with projects that best suit their specialties. The editor uses their skills and experience to make the paper fit those strict standards set by journals, evaluating and improving the tone, grammar, documentation style, and format. There are two main tasks of an academic editor: enhancing the coherency of the project and refining the author’s thesis. The elimination of any reiterations or ambiguity rids the paper of incoherency, streamlining the author’s thoughts and strengthening the paper’s thesis. Ridding the paper of repetition will also make it both clear and concise for readability. Highlighting the key thesis help it to stand out among other submissions and amplify the author’s message. Read more!

Line-by-Line Editing

This service engages with your manuscript page by page, catching grammatical errors, working with the language, and offering solutions to organizational stumbling blocks. We first work with extreme detail, and then widen out to give you a response to the piece as a whole. Recognizing the unique requirements of each genre, we attend to stylistic matters and formatting, especially where scholarly articles are concerned. Each writer calls for a personalized approach, and we focus on the reasons you have come to us, and your specific concerns. Read more!

Copy Editing

If you are seeking to have the last corrections to your manuscript made—giving it that final sense of polish—you may want to choose our Copy Editing Service. Our professional Copy Editing Service is designed for those wanting final corrections to style, grammar, and citations. Your Copy Editor will move quickly and with a sure hand to make timely and professional changes that increase the strength and appeal of your manuscript, while at the same time rendering it grammatically impeccable. Transitions may be added where needed, excess words may be deleted, and an occasional word or phrase may be flagged for reconsideration. Read more!


Sometimes a manuscript, thesis, article, resume or cover letter just needs one final professional edit before it’s complete. CambridgeEditors’ proofreading service will meticulously review and edit the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax of your work at an affordable rate. Read more!

Manuscript Coaching

Completing a dissertation is an overwhelming experience that often requires assistance beyond your departmental advisor. As your Dissertation Coach, we can lend support at any stage of the process—from clarifying your proposal, to organizing and structuring your ideas, to preparing you for your dissertation defense, and even helping you overcome procrastination and frightening writer’s block. Our goal as your coach is to help you find clarity of grammar, style, argument, and structure, and find success in completing your project. Read more!

Developmental Editing

Whether you are applying to Business School, Medical School, or Graduate School in the Arts and Sciences, or for a grant to further your research, we can help. The essay or proposal is, in the end, the deciding factor in an application. Something unique about you, and our ability to help you present that something, is the core of this service. Through Essay Development, we work closely with you to ensure that your writing makes a distinct impression. By gauging your own writing style and ability, we propel you toward an honest, authentic, grammatically correct piece. Read more!

The Written Critique

The Written Critique takes the long view in helping writers of a sizable document, such as a book or creative piece. We assist in clarifying goals, themes, structure, and plot, thereby strengthening the organization and cultivating the voice of your project. Once this has been addressed, we then focus on content, suggesting solutions to blockages, and guiding you in foregrounding your strengths. Choosing this option, you can expect a close reading and frequent marginal comments. The culmination is a comprehensive, point-by-point critique. Read more!


CambridgeEditors’ specialized formatting staff will address all of your needs according to your institution or committee’s guidelines. This service includes ensuring proper citation and footnote use as well as organize corresponding reference pages. Read more!

Writing and Editing Workshops

Dr. Harte Weiner will travel to your library, office or conference center to provide a writing and/or editing workshop tailored to your target audience’s needs. Fees are negotiable. Contact us to learn more.

Writing and Editing Classes

Depending on your needs and availability, Dr. Harte Weiner will hold one-on-one or group writing and/or editing lessons in her Cambridge home office. Contact us to learn more.