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May Special
Mother’s Day this May could be bittersweet. So many of our healthcare workers are mothers, where the fear of catching and bringing the virus home is overwhelmed by the thought of leaving our children motherless if, often lacking the proper PPE, we join those patients who succumb to the disease. From another perspective, those of us with elderly mothers, watching mass infections overtake nursing homes, face having no chance to say goodbye. For the month of May, documents longer than 50 pages addressing motherhood in a social context receive 15% off.
Line-by-Line Edit

Our most popular service

$60/hr $70/hr $85/hr $125/hr
Copy Edit $55/hr $65/hr $80/hr $120/hr
Proofreading $55/hr $60/hr $75/hr $115/hr
Formatting $55/hr $60/hr $75/hr $115/hr
Developmental Edit $65/hr $75/hr $95/hr $125/hr
Written Critique $70/hr $80/hr $100/hr $130/hr
Coaching $75/hr $90/hr $100/hr $130/hr

A 10% reduced project rate will be applied to manuscript edits over 100 pages in length.

Coaching sessions may be bundled and developed into a writing program at a reduced fee.

Description of Services (see Services page for more details)


  • Spelling review
  • Grammar and syntax review
  • Punctuation review


  • Footnotes review
  • Citations review
  • Reference pages review

Copy Edit

  • Copy editing of main body of document, with review of accompanying material
  • Final corrections to style, grammar, and citations
  • Proofreading included

Line-by-Line Edit

  • Track Changes review of entire document, offering maximum editorial engagement with the manuscript
  • Thorough editorial review of style, grammar, voice, organization, and other elements
  • Comments explain the editor’s rationale, posing general questions to the author and offering strategies and examples

Developmental Edit

  • Developmental help for both fictional and nonfictional works
  • Guidance and encouragement for authors to render their ideas in tangible form, achieving proper tone, structure, and content
  • Development of both ideas and of early writing efforts

Written Critique

  • Close reading with attention to organization and shape
  • Suggestions on foregrounding strengths; concrete guidance for trimming of any excess
  • Detailed critique, usually several pages in length


  • Interactive manuscript and essay development
  • One-on-one assistance at any stage of the writing process
  • Tailored process for each author’s needs and goals