Editing for Dissertations and Theses

CambridgeEditors provides superior editorial services for individuals working on their dissertation or thesis (master’s thesis, senior thesis, or other). Our careful and expert editing has made us a leader in dissertation and thesis editing.

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Our Dissertation and Thesis Editors

Most of our editors work on dissertations and theses for our varied clients. We provide below a selection of only some of our editors who can provide the quality editorial service for which we are known for your dissertation or thesis. Our editors hold advanced degrees in a range of fields and we make sure to match you with an editor with expertise in your field.

Visit our Editors page for a full list and description of our editors and for more information on those listed below.

Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli Deborah Lapp Melissa Ptacek

▪ PhD in English Literature, MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and BA in English

▪ Taught Linguistics and English courses at Emory University

▪ MA in Library and Information Science, BA in Art and Art History

▪ Editor and Indexer for John Hopkins University Press, Columbia University Press, and Cambridge University Press

▪ PhD in Modern European History

Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz Susan Turnquist Elizabeth Van Allen

▪ PhD in History

▪ Edited and indexed books in a variety of fields (history, political science, religion, art history, anthropology, sociology, women’s studies)

▪ Edited work for Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press

▪ PhD in Development Sociology

▪ PhD in European History and BA in French

▪ Editor of scholarly quarterly in American history; launched NEH-funded digital documentary edition on the US Civil War

Representative Work


▪ “Issues in Urban Trip Generation”
▪ “Small Island Developing States (SIDs) and the issue of Climate Change in the International System: The Failure of SIDs”
▪ “Understanding Platform Business Models in the Telecommunication Industry”
▪ “Pan-Celtic Nationalism at the Fin de Siècle: A History of The Celtic Association, 1898-1911”
▪ “The Perceptions of Elementary School Principals Regarding their Role in Promoting Constructivist Approaches”
▪ “The Cost of Altruism: A Phenomenological Study of Teacher Burnout”
▪ “Decision-Making Support in Early Design Stage for High Performance Naturally Ventilated Buildings”
▪ “An Empirical Exploration of the Diffusion of Trade Shocks in Production Networks”
▪ “Illustrations as visual translations: Carybé’s Macunaíma, Nagô, and Yansã”
▪ “Head and Heart: A Mixed Method Exploration Investigating the Impact of Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Training with a Division III Women’s College Basketball Team”
▪ “The Characteristics and Practices of Longterm Adult Jewish Learners: New Perspectives on the Dynamics of an Adult Classroom”
▪ “Unpacking ‘La Mochila’ of Latino White Privilege: Relationships Among White Privilege, Color Blind Attitudes, and Internalized Racism Among Latinos Residing in the United States”
▪ “Spaces for Nature: Neoliberal Conservation in Post-Reformasi South Sumatra”
▪ “Struggling to buy fashion to wear: A working model of the fashion clothing involvement of those born blind, those who became blind and those who are visually impaired”


Our Dissertation and Thesis editors provide superior editorial services to clients representing a wide range of academic institutions, including:

▪ College of Doctoral Studies – Grand Canyon University

▪ Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology – Northeastern University

▪ Department of Economics – Yale University

▪ Department of Politics – University of Liverpool

▪ Department of Romance Languages & Literatures – Harvard University

▪ Department of System Design and Management – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

▪ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, History Department – Brandeis University

▪ Graduate School of Design – Harvard University

▪ Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science – Portland State University

▪ School of Education – Boston University

▪School of Education – Lesley University

▪School of Geography and the Environment – Oxford University

▪William Davidson Graduate School of Education – Jewish Theological Seminary of America