Rates-old 5/25/2018

StudentsIndividuals & AcademicsBusinesses & InstitutionsPharmaceuticals, Technology & Industry
· Spelling
· Grammar
· Syntax
· Punctuation
Line-by-Line Edit
· Our most popular service, The Line-by-Line Edit offers the editor’s maximum engagement with the manuscript. Track Changes review the entire document
· Comments explain the editor’s rationale; they also pose general questions to the author, offering strategies and examples
· Organizational changes to the text are suggested, in keeping with logic and with your genre
Written Critique
· Close reading with focus on content, suggesting solutions to blockages, guiding you in foregrounding your strengths
· Returns detailed critique of several pages in length
· Interactive manuscript & essay development
· One-on-one assistance at any stage of the writing process
· Footnotes
· Citations
· Reference pages

A 10% reduced project rate will be applied to manuscript edits over 100 pages in length. Coaching sessions may be bundled and developed into a writing program at a reduced fee.