CambridgeEditors provides superior editorial services for individuals, teams, and companies working in science, technology, and related industries. Our careful and expert editing has made us a leader in STEM editing.

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Our STEM Editors

Our editors hold advanced degrees in a range of STEM fields and we make sure to match you with an editor with expertise in your field.

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Andrew Bond Shehreen Dheda Carmen Ferreiro

▪ PhD in Geography

▪ Former Managing Editor of Bellwether Publishing, Ltd.

▪ PhD and MS in Materials Science and Engineering, BS in Biomedical Engineering

▪ PhD in Biology

▪ Translator in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Medical fields

Fran Granville Brian Hoyle Kristie Reilly

▪ Editor for EDN, trade magazine for electronics and electrical engineering

▪ PhD, MS, and BS in Microbiology

▪ Freelance science and medicine editor

▪ BA, University of Chicago

▪ Editor for The Astrophysical Journal at the University of Chicago Press

▪ Writer and editor for Harvard Medical School

Representative Work


▪ “A Nonrecoverable Hybridoma Limits the Production of Monoclonal Antibodies against Bovine Trophoblast Nonclassical NC3*00101 Protein”
▪ “Control Theoretic Approach for Attitude Control of High Altitude Scientific Stationary Platforms”
▪ “Benefits of Thymoquinone, a Nigella Sativa Extract in Preventing Dental Caries Initiation and Improving Gingival Health”
▪ “Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Making to Solve Uncertainties under One-Way Product Substitution for Closed Loop Supply Chain Network Design”
Thought++: Hopes for a Human Future, a study on harnessing human brain power


Our STEM editors provide superior editorial services to clients representing a wide range of academic institutions, government agencies, and corporate entities, including:

▪ Brigham & Women’s Hospital

▪ Boston University School of Medicine

▪ Carnegie Mellon University

▪ Harvard University

▪ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

▪ Oxford Brookes University

▪ Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

▪ University of California, Berkeley

▪ University of Wisconsin–Madison