Congratulations to Renata Beman, long-time CambridgeEditors client and advocate for the blind and other disabled people. Renata completed the London Marathon this past Sunday. Here is her account:

I made it !!! the marathon was last Sunday  the 28th of April, it was so so hard 47 KM,  26.5 miles took 6 plus hours…I never run in my life and there were only 10 people running for the blind.

I knew that when I reached the turn of mile 17 the veterans would be there waiting, as soon as the people from the office spotted me I could see in their faces, a mixture of happiness and disbelieve, they started shouting “Renata is coming” some blind veterans, especially the old ones were very emotional, crying, I had hugs, guide dogs jumping, kisses and a massive power up for the next very long 9.5 long miles.

When I crossed the final line at that point my legs were almost petrified as I have bad knees due to years of ballet, but what an epic feeling YES I did for the blind, it was unbelievable and epic!

I am super tired.