Editing for the Humanities

CambridgeEditors provides superior editorial services for academics and others working in Humanities fields. Our careful and expert editing has made us a leader in Humanities editing.

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Our Humanities Editors

Our editors hold advanced degrees in a range of Humanities fields and we make sure to match you with an editor with expertise in your field.

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Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli Ashleigh Imus Deborah Lapp

▪ PhD in English Literature, MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities, and BA in English

▪ Experience editing dissertations, academic articles, and scholarly manuscripts

▪ PhD in Medieval Studies (Cornell University)

▪ Expertise in Latin, Italian, and English Language and Literature

▪ Published articles, book reviews, and translations

▪ MA in Library and Information Science, BA in Art and Art History

▪ Editor and Indexer for Little Brown, John Hopkins University Press, Columbia University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Pearson

Irina Oryshkevich Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz Susan Turnquist

▪ PhD in Art History

▪ Edited books, articles, dissertations, and theses in art history as well as dance, music and architectural history, urban studies, Renaissance Studies, and European history

▪ PhD in History

▪ Specialized in history, religion, art history, literature, and women’s studies

▪ Edited work for Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press

▪ PhD in Development Sociology

▪ Fluent in the language and culture of French, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai

▪ Writing and language teacher in the US and Asia

Elizabeth Van Allen Sunanda Vittal Harte Weiner

▪ PhD in European History and BA in French

▪ Editor of scholarly quarterly in American history; launched NEH-funded digital documentary edition on the US Civil War

▪ MA in ESL and English Literature

▪ College-level English instructor and communication specialist

▪ PhD in English Literature, MFA in Poetry, and BA in Philosophy with English

▪ Taught on faculties of English at Tufts, Brown, and Harvard Universities

▪ Founder and lead editor of CambridgeEditors

Representative Work


▪ The Power of the Plan, Building a University in One of America’s First Planned Cities
No End in Sight: Polish Cinema and Literature in the Late Socialist Period
▪ “Pan-Celtic Nationalism at the Fin de Siècle: A History of The Celtic Association, 1898-1911”
▪ “Illustrations as visual translations: Carybé’s Macunaíma, Nagô, and Yansã”
▪ Reformation of Prayerbooks: The Humanist Transformation of Early Modern Piety in Germany and England
▪ “Notes on Nietzsche, Noble Beauty, and Persian Art”
▪ “The Post/Colonial Sublime and the End of Empire: Aesthetics, Politics, and Ethics in the Twentieth Century”


Our Humanities editors provide superior editorial services to clients representing a wide range of academic institutions, including:

▪Art Education, Art History & Media Studies – UMass Dartmouth

▪English Literature – University of Louisiana at Monroe

▪Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, History Department – Brandeis University

▪Religious & Theological Studies – Merrimack College

▪Romance Languages & Literatures – Harvard University

▪Slavic Languages and Literatures – University of Southern California

▪University of South Carolina Press

▪Women’s and Gender Studies – Wellesley College