Editing for Works of Creative Writing

CambridgeEditors provides superior editorial services for individuals, teams, and companies working with creative writing. Our careful and expert editing has made us a leader in creative writing editing for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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Our Creative Writing Editors

Our editors hold advanced degrees and have worked with a variety of creative writing formats. We make sure to match you with an editor with expertise in your field.

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Harte Weiner Charles Coe Ursula DeYoung

▪ PhD in English Literature (Standford), MFA in Poetry (Columbia), BA in Philosophy with English (Harvard)

▪Taught on English faculty at Tufts, Brown, and Harvard

▪Founder and lead editor of Cambridge Editors

▪Published works: Picnic on the Moon and All Sins Forgiven (poetry), Spin Cycles (fiction)

▪Co-chair of the National Writers Union (Boston) and board member of the National Writers United Service Organization

▪PhD in History (Oxford), BA in History and Literature (Harvard)

▪ Published works: Shorecliff (fiction) and A Vision of Modern Science (nonfiction)

▪ Specialized in editing fiction (short stories and novels)

Felicia Lee Ashley Troutman Carmen Ferreiro

▪ PhD in Linguistics (UCLA), MA and BA in English (Stanford)

▪Teaching and research positions with UCLA, USC, University of British Columbia, and University of Florida

▪ MFA in Nonfiction Writing, BA in Advertising

▪Writer, producer, and on-camera host for a growing tech company; former multimedia content creator and editor for print, digital, and broadcast journalism

▪Published works: Two Moon Princess, Immortal Love, and The King in the Stone

▪”Writing for Children and Teens” degree from the Institute of Children’s Literature; Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member

Representative Work